Heat Lovers Set


  • Heat Lovers Collection
  • Includes 4 flavors
  • choose shakers or bags
  • $5 savings
Are you a Heat Lover?
I have the perfect set for you!
Set of 4 bags gives you a savings of $5
Each set includes 1 of each of the following:
☆Spice Up Your Life Salt is spicy, but not over the top hot. It's got a great Mexican style heat to it, which will add a kick of flavor to anything and everything. VEGAN
☆Bacon lovers and heat lovers combine to make this buffalo wings style salt called Mom's Flamin' Bacon Salt. I love this one so much, I literally take it to restaurants with me!!
☆ Fire & Ice Salt is delicious! It's got Parmesan, coarse seat salt and of course it is spicy yummmmmmmy great for your grinder over pasta
☆ Adobo spice is a delicious, Caribbean inspired spice. My favorite way to use it is by making chicken, beans, and rice! But I also love it on my pizza!

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Set of Bags, Set of Shakers


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