When you have a Fundraiser with Let’s Get Salty, you/your organization will receive 50% of all your Sales! That’s a $10 profit for every $20 sampler set that you sell!

Why Choose us?

It’s New, It’s Different, It’s Delicious and best of all It’s Local! 

Made in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

It’s a easy and effective Fundraising idea with a High Profit for you!

Who can fundraise with us?

Any Individual, Team, School, or Organization in Canada.

We’re Local, Helping Local



You may want to book a fundraiser to help with:

  • Medical Trips
  • Medical Expenses
  • Unexpected Job Loss
  • Unexpected Changes in Living Situations
  • To Flee Domestic Violence
  • Veterinary Surgeries
  • Many Other Reasons


Your Sports Team, Music Program, Graduation Class, etc. May want to book a fundraiser to help with:

  • Travel Costs
  • Flights
  • New Equipment
  • New Uniforms
  • New Instuments
  • Building Renovations
  • Many Other Reasons


Your Organization may want to book a fundraiser to help with:

  • Raising Money for Charity
  • Restocking Supplies
  • Raising Awareness to your Cause
  • Purchasing Merchandise
  • Upgrades
  • New Gear
  • Many Other Reasons

Fundraise large amounts of money, easily!

Fundraising with Let’s Get Salty is easy, we send you everything you need to get started, and customize it all for you with your Fundraiser information. We work 1 on 1 with you to provide you with any information, tips, or help you may need.

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