About Us

Let’s Get Salty is dedicated to providing you with a large variety of high quality and delicious products. We will always strive to provide you with affordable prices.

Since 2019

Let’s Get Salty™ was created in June of 2019, after the company owner, Tara Bannister, experienced a dream about it. She started this company with $20, and has since turned it into a flourishing and successful business.

Quality and Consistency.

Here at Let’s Get Salty, quality and consistency are very important to us. That’s why we never use chemicals or additives, always buy our ingredients from the same companies. This is to ensure the flavors will remain unchanged.

Our produts are always made by the company owner, and/or her husband, to ensure consistency.

We’ve worked very hard to provide you with delicious, high quality products, and we will be sure to keep it that way.

How do you use the salts?

Our products are very simple to use. Unlike some spice companies, you don’t need to follow a specific recipe. You use them the exact same way you would normally use salt and spices/herbs to flavor your foods, you just use these instead.

You can add them to your foods before, during, or after cooking. You can use a little or a lot, depending on how you like it.

Just grab your salt shaker and season your food as you normally would. But instead of just getting an extra boost of salt to your food, you are getting a whole new world of delicious flavors as well.

Can’t have salt? Don’t worry, we have some amazing Salt Free options for you as well.

The Owner

My Story

My name is Tara Bannister and I am the Founder/Sole Owner of Let’s Get Salty™. I am a wife, and a mother to 4 amazing children. 

Before I started Let’s Get Salty™, I was a Stay at Home Mother and Babysitter. I absolutely love children, and I loved my job very much!

On Christmas day of 2018, I broke my knee, and snapped off my ACL. Because of this, I was no longer able to babysit, due to it being a very long and tough recovery; which required surgery a year later.

Because I was out of work, my husband was our sole provider for 7 months, and times started to get very tough for our family.

On June 18, 2019, I had a dream that I opened my pantry and saw 4 salt shakers inside, with different combinations of sea salt & spices/herbs. I suddenly woke up and said “That’s an interesting idea”, but quickly fell back to sleep and never thought about it anymore.

Later that day, as I was stressing about bills, I said a prayer: “God, please help me find a source of income. I know I can no longer babysit because of my knee right now, but please help me find something else in the meantime, because money has been very tight lately, and I really need your help.”

Suddenly, in the middle of my prayer, my mind flashed back to the moment in my dream where I saw the salt shakers in the pantry. My whole body got goosebumps and I had this overwhelming feeling inside of me, almost like God had answered me and said “Tara, I’ve already given you the answer” And I just knew I had to give it a try — (*I know everyone believes in different things and I respect that, but for myself, I do pray*)

I told my husband what happened and we had a decision to make. I only had $20 left, as we’d spent all of our savings trying to make it through the past 7 months. That $20 was suppose to be for picking up a few small groceries for supper until we got paid a couple days later.

Our Choices Were:

  • Ignore the dream and use the $20 to buy and a few groceries for supper.
  • Use the $20 to buy the ingredients to make the salt, and eat Kraft Dinner, which we already had on hand.

So, after some discussion, we decided to take a leap of faith and follow the dream. I went to our local Scoop & Save store and purchased some ingredients that I thought would go well together. I’ve always had a passion for cooking, so I just followed my instincts.

I came home and started combining the ingredients together and made my first 3 flavors.

  1. Mom’s Go-To Salt
  2. It’s a Dilly-of-a-Day Salt
  3. Spice Up Your Life Salt

That night we had Kraft Dinner for supper, and we all took turns trying the salts on the Kraft Dinner. We all instantly loved them, and got extremely excited! We knew, at that very moment, that this was it! This is exactly what I needed to do with my life!!

So I began my company and called it: Let’s Get Salty.

I have been so fortunate with everything I have been able to accomplish so far. So I try my very best to be able to give back, especially by being able to provide fundraisers and help other people as much as I can.

I am very excited to be able to sell my salts to so many different people and share my love of flavor with you. It has been a whirlwind of a ride so far, that I hope continues for many years to come!

I hope you love my salts and seasonings as much as my family and I do!

Why Choose Us

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Real Ingredients

At Let’s Get Salty we only use real ingredients. They are made with combinations of sea salt, herbs/spices, fruits and vegetables.

Attention to Detail

Everything is made in small batches, handpackaged, and tripple checked for accuracy. It’s done the exact same way, every day!

Secured Payment

Payments are always done securely on our website through PayPal or Swipe. If you don’t want to pay on the website, feel free to contact me directly and we can arrange EMT or payment through SquarePay.